Well, I started this blog a couple years ago, primarily as a vehicle to document the amazing (frustrating / baffling / hilarious) experiences of parenthood.  Choosing a blog as the venue was never really meant as a nod to the mommy-blogosphere or even really designed with a goal of entertaining the public at large, but hey, come along for the ride if you want!

So, with that explanation/disclaimer out of the way…

I’m a young, irreverent semi-professional with a penchant for whimsy, grappling with the insanity of balancing a career and family. Until recently that sentence would have included the phrase “and graduate school“, but amazingly enough after three long years of tears and insomnia, in May 2011 I emerged much like a butterfly from a chrysalis; transformed into a young, irreverent semi-professional with a Masters of Education in educational technology, and yet somehow still working in the same higher ed. job for the same pay (for now). Go figure.

I am blessed to be married to the most amazing husband, who is not only my best friend, is so in sync with me that he can read my mind, and also cooks! Who could resist that?! And for reasons still mysterious to me, the cosmos somehow aligned in 2005 and we produced the most beautiful, brilliant little blue-eyed genius girl you could ever imagine.  She has always had the most amazingly strong, independent spirit. She keeps us humble, and yes, very frazzled. Our experience has been that every cliché about parenting seems to come true as soon as you become a parent.  It’s like a sick joke you can’t escape.

Anyway, if there is one daily (loving) communiqué that symbolizes both the joy and repetitiveness of family life, it is:

What do you want for dinner?

 Cast and Crew:

CM: Cluelessmom, chief executive mommy and flamingo fanatic.

FF: Franticfather, supreme overlord father (AKA awesome stay-at-home dad).

K: Our beautiful, brilliant, (sometimes evil) genius, almost six-year-old daughter.

K2: K’s cousin…the girls are only 9 days apart in age and are more like twins than cousins.

Uncle J: CM’s brother / K2’s dad.

Aunt D: K2’s Mom.

Squishy: K2’s little sister.

GMOM: CM’s mother and chief exective grandmother to all the young’uns.

UB: Uncle Bubba, CM’s youngest brother. Extremely popular with all the kids.

Cookie: The crazy, playful feline monster of the house.

Juno: Cat 2.0 and companion for Cookie. Extremely attached to FF and follows him around like a dog!

Red Chicken: CM’s beautiful female eclectus parrot. Actually named “Leilani” but most often called by her descriptive nickname.

Tweety Birds: K’s pair of blue/purple parakeets, Prince & Maxwell. Still trying to hand-tame the chirpy little bastards.

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